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Creativity at the Service of Personal Development

Art-Therapy LRS GmbH

Luciana Reis-Savioz

Luciana Reis-Savioz


  • Certified pedagogue, recognized in Switzerland

Certifications in Art-Therapy:

  • Swiss certified Art-Therapist (DAS) HES-SO (EESP, Lausanne, CH).
  • Post-graduation Lato Sensu of applied art-therapy (Vicentina, Curitiba, BR)
  • Specialized in Jungian analytical psychology (UNICAMP).
  • Currently, taking a certification in Sandplay therapy.

And other experiences...:

  • In special education among institutionalized:
    • teens in crisis
    • mentally handicapped associated with mental disorders
    • Children in social difficulties

  • Background & extensive experience in related techniques such as...
    • pedagogical psychodrama & Biodanza (facilitator and trainer)
    • animation of numerous seminars in Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, France & Italy.

Aggregate the ASCA Foundation

(Fondation Suisse pour les Médecines complémentaires)

Ethics and deontology

  • APSAT member (Association Professionnelle Suisse des Arts-Thérapeutes)

      This means...

  • that I am in agreement and respect its code of ethics

The later defines a line of conduct for professionals in order to protect the patient and ensure respect for strong values in therapeutic work.